ABOUT SIMAPRO: First released in 1990, SimaPro is a proven, reliable and flexible tool used by major industries, consultancies and universities. With users in over 60 countries, SimaPro continues to be the most successful LCA software worldwide, and is used for the assessment of products, processes and services as per ISO 14040 series.

SimaPro Partner Network:: PRe Consultant's, Netherlands along with its global partners have been recognized for contributing to important developments in LCA methodology and Life Cycle research. We have always been at the forefront of LCA tools and methodology developments: SimaPro, ECO-it, Eco-indicator 99 and today's ReCiPe impact assessment method. With a wide range of expertise available, we can offer unparalleled services and facilitate large international or multi-client projects.

TRAINING:Simapro India organises online training programmes through 'WebEx'. Our training module couples comprehensive theory with an elaborate hands-on exercise. Emphasis is given on practical learning aspects of LCA modelling on SimaPro so that after the training the participant is able to execute LCA assignments independently. The various types of trainings are 1. Basic LCA training 2. Advanced training 3. Sector specific training and 4. Customized training.

About PRe Consultants

For more than twenty years PRe Consultants has been at the forefront of Life Cycle thinking. They have built their reputation on best-in-class knowledge and experience in sustainability metrics and impact assessments. They provide state-of-the-art methods, consultancy and software tools to give our customers long term solutions that benefit the bottom line. Internationally, leading businesses work with PRe Consultants to integrate sustainability into their product development procedures in order to create business growth and business value. PRe Consultants has offices in the United States and the Netherlands, plus a global partner network to support large international or multi-client projects. PRe partners with several organizations whose mission and goal is to foster a more transparent and responsible business community for a sustainable future. Some of them are Sustainability Consortium ; Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) ; Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative (GHG Protocol) Earthster ; UNEP-SETAC Life Cycle Initiative and Water Footprint Network.

Life cycle assessment is one of the key issues in Sustainable development. Sustainability issues are effectively resolved scientifically with the help of life cycle assessment studies. Life cycle assessment or LCA is an approach that analyzes processes, products and services in an attempt to determine the full extent of their environmental impact. Described as a 'Cradle to Grave' approach, LCA looks not only at the 'end result' but examines a process, product or service's impact through every stage of its life. From the extraction of the raw materials through to the processing, manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal, LCA analyzes the resource consumption and environmental impacts associated with each and every phase.

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  • SimaPro is world's most widely used life cycle assessment (LCA) software, used by major industries and consultants, research institutes and universities. It allows complex life cycles to be modeled and analysed in a systematic and transparent way. Simapro, the life cycle assessment software can aid corporations in

    • Product design
    • Process design
    • Development of key environmental performance indicators [KEPI]
    • Calculation of carbon footprints
    • Determination of environmental impact of products or services
    • Environmental product declarations
    •  Environmental reporting and many more applications

    Simapro India endeavours to provide software Simapro, consultancy and training on scientifically proven method of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in cooperation with our principals PRe Consultants, Netherlands and global partners

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